Treatment of Ear Pain in Children – Ayurvedic and Natural

Everyone suffers from earache, which is a typical source of pain and suffering. When it comes to children, it’s even more concerning because the child may not be able to tell what’s causing the pain. As a result, it is up to the quick caregiver to figure out how to relieve the pain. Earaches can be caused by a variety of factors, including infection, punctured eardrums, and boils. It’s crucial to figure out what’s causing your earache before you can discover a solution. We have provided a natural and Ayurvedic Treatment of Ear Pain in Children in this article, which is successful and 100 percent natural.

Causes of Ear Pain

  • Ear infections are one of the most common reasons for earache in children. The most prevalent cause is a disorder of the middle ear behind the eardrum. Viruses and bacteria can cause ear infections. Severe infections can result in pus buildup or an abscess.
  • Another common cause of ear pain is the swimmer’s ear (irritation or infection of the skin that lines the ear canal).
  • Another usual reason for pain is ear canal irritation caused by an earbud or a fingernail.
  • In children, earwax obstructing the ear canal can cause earaches.
  • A foreign substance lodged in the ear canal can also cause obstruction and pain.
  • Ear pain can also be caused by pain radiating from another part of the body, such as a tooth.

Symptoms of Ear Pain

  • In the ear, there is a dull or intense discomfort.
  • Itching within ears
  • Sounds of ringing or buzzing.
  • Hearing impairment.
  • The sensation of an ear being blocked.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Ear Pain in Children

An ear infection may be present if a child is frequently crying, appears restless, or moves his ears away from you. Let’s know some safe and effective remedies for the Ayurvedic treatment of ear pain in children.

1) Warm Compress:

To relieve pain in the ear, apply a warm cloth compress. A towel can be warmed by pressing it on a hot warm iron. You can also use heating pads or a tiny plastic bottle filled with warm water. Because your child may be uncomfortable, there may be a lot of fidgeting. Don’t get frustrated or mad about it; instead, attempt to convince him to do it firmly to place the child at rest.

2) Cold Compress:

If the warm compress isn’t working, switch to a cold compress. Avoid putting ice directly on your child’s skin, since this might cause blood to stop flowing. Ice can be wrapped in a towel or placed in a waterproof bag. This can also be done with a frozen package of milk. 

3) Basil Leaves:

It’s essential to maintain this simple and inexpensive cure on hand at all times. Basil is well-known for its medicinal qualities. Grind the basil leaves and extract the juice, putting a few drops in each ear.

4) Olive Oil:

One of the most useful natural treatments for ear pain in children is olive oil. In a clean pan or microwave, heat a tiny amount of olive oil until it reaches body temperature. Using a clean earbud, gently apply the oil around and into the afflicted ear. To prevent accidental drops of oil from coloring the surrounding environment, make sure you use towels.

5) Garlic

Heat some sesame/olive oil and grind a couple of garlic cloves. Using a clean cloth, strain the garlic oil and apply it to the affected ear.

6) Breast Milk:

This is an excellent choice for nursing moms. Fill the infected ear with a few dots of fresh breast milk. Because it includes antibodies, it is a prominent treatment for newborn ear infections. Caution should be exercised to avoid infecting the milk by transporting it in a contaminated container.

7) Salt:

Coarse salt can be used as an alternative treatment for treating an ear infection in children. For this, you have to Microwave a mug of coarse salt for 1 minute. Combine it and again heat for one minute. This may be placed in a cotton sock and fastened at one end. Apply it to the painful area for a few (10) minutes and do it again if necessary.

8) Onions:

Maintain an elevated position for the infected ear to minimize blood flow. Chop a small onion, soften it over a low flame, and remove its juice. Drop a few falls into each ear. Its anti-bacterial properties will aid in the battle against the illness and alleviate discomfort.

9) Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is often used to alleviate earaches in children. Warm a few dots of diluted tea tree oil in olive oil until it reaches body temperature. Fill each ear with a few drops using a clean dropper. Because the ear is an acute organ, exercise caution and avoid using force.


Further, we always recommend before using these remedies for natural and ayurvedic treatment of ear pain in children one must consult with an Expert Ayurveda Doctor. You can also consult with Expert Ayurveda Doctors available at IAFA®. Contact us to Book your appointment now.

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