What are the Top 7 Home Remedies for Vitiligo?

Vitiligo (also known as leucoderma) is a skin condition that causes discolored patches to form on your skin. These patches can occur on a variety of body parts.

The malfunctioning of melanocytes, the cells that create melanin, causes vitiligo. Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for the color of our skin. Melanocytes are damaged during vitiligo, which prevents melanin formation.

According to Ayurveda, this ailment might be caused by eating the wrong food combinations, stress, or poor nutrition, hence proper care is essential in terms of eating habits and lifestyle changes.

Causes of Vitiligo

Scientists are still unsure of the actual reasons for vitiligo. However, autoimmune, inheritance, triggers including severe sunburns, skin damage (disclosure to toxins or chemicals), mental discomfort, and high levels of stress, are thought to be linked to the death or poor functioning of melanocytes.

Symptoms of Vitiligo

The major sign of vitiligo is a patchy loss of skin pigment. They typically begin on the face, hands, and genitals. Those white patches can come in a variety of sizes and patterns, in addition to being little or enormous. Another symptom of the condition is premature graying of the brows, eyelashes, and head hair.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Vitiligo

According to the Ayurvedic view, Vitiligo is caused by an overabundance of Pitta Dosha in our bodies. The specific cause of this sickness is unknown; it could be genetic or caused by other illnesses such as thyroid disease or anemia.

Ayurveda is the most effective treatment for Vitiligo since it addresses the underlying reason for the disease while also providing long-term relief. Patients who want natural treatments should consider ayurvedic herbal treatment, which aims to manage symptoms by addressing the underlying cause. Ayurvedic medicine incorporates herbal medicine and ayurvedic food.

Home Remedies for Vitiligo

Creams, oral medications, skin grafting, ultraviolet radiation, and other treatments are offered to treat Vitiligo. These treatments, however, are entirely dependent on the state and responsiveness of the skin cells. These therapies might come with certain dangers or negative effects. This is why adopting natural home remedies to cure Vitiligo is one of the most successful treatments. Here are some of the most common and successful home remedies for vitiligo that are free of adverse effects:

1) Papaya

Papaya is a sweet fruit that is also good for your health. Papaya is very potent to cure vitiligo. To utilize papaya to manage vitiligo, rub papaya pieces on the vitiligo-affected skin regions. When it’s dried, wash it. To refill the body of melanin cells lost due to vitiligo, drink papaya juice daily.

2) Manjistha

Patients who are concerned about their Vitiligo and want a long-term solution can turn to Manjistha. This plant has several powerful qualities that can help with a variety of ailments, including Vitiligo. It aids in the restoration of natural skin color and the prevention of skin aging.

3) Neem Oil

Neem oil has the potential to reverse the effects of depigmentation caused by vitiligo. Neem extracts’ immunomodulatory properties may help to minimize the appearance of white patches on your skin.

Apply a few drops of neem oil to a cotton pad and apply to the areas. After 30 minutes, wash. Repeat daily to notice a difference.

4) Turmeric

Turmeric has several medicinal properties and can also be used as a home remedy for vitiligo. Turmeric can help to reduce the effects of Vitiligo. To form a thick paste, combine one Tbsp of turmeric powder with two teaspoons of mustard oil. Apply this paste to the affected region and keep it on for 10 minutes before washing it off. Use this mixture two times a day for the best results.

5) Walnuts

Walnuts have numerous health advantages. Walnuts have anti-vitiligo properties, which is one of their many advantages. Vitiligo can be managed by consuming at least 5 walnuts per day. Grind walnuts to form powder then form a paste of it for even better effects. Spread the paste to the afflicted regions of the skin for 15-20 minutes at least 3-4 times per day. This may aid in the decrease of vitiligo’s white spots.

6) Ginger Juice 

Ginger has been used as a home remedy for vitiligo and other skin problems since ancient times. Vitiligo is one of these diseases. For the cure of white patches, ginger is particularly beneficial. To make this home remedy, mix a segment of ginger with water until it forms a thin liquid. With the use of a strainer, pour this juice into a cup. Vitiligo can be cured by drinking this liquid twice a day.

7) Bakuchi

Skin problems such as Vitiligo are caused by the liver’s malfunction. Bakuchi is a potent plant that influences our liver, and digestive system, and aids in the removal of toxins from our bodies. It helps to reduce the appearance of white patches on the body and is effective in the cure of Vitiligo. Make a mixture of Bakuchi powder and coconut oil for the therapy and apply it to the white spots.


To treat vitiligo, use these home remedies after consultation. Contact us to Consult with Expert Ayurvedic Doctors Available at IAFA® right away for a proper cure and effective treatment for your skin problem.

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